Future Show Dates
Shows currently scheduled through AUGUST are posted here. A limited number of tickets are released on our website starting 30 days prior to show date. Please see our Show Schedule for available dates and tickets. Shows filming today (if any) may not be included on this page or our Show Schedule.

Many of the shows that we represent have completed their production schedules and if renewed for another season, may resume filming sometime in late July or August. Future dates will be posted here when available. All information is subject to change and additional shows/dates may be added at any time.

Fuller House 6/30/17 7/14/17 7/21/17 8/18/17 8/25/17
Fuller House - STANDBY 6/30/17 7/14/17 7/21/17
One Day At A Time 7/5/17 7/11/17 7/25/17 8/1/17 8/8/17 8/22/17 8/29/17
Raven’s Home 6/30/17 7/14/17 7/21/17 7/28/17 8/11/17 8/18/17
The Thundermans 7/14/17 7/21/17 7/28/17

A limited number of tickets for future dates are made available on our website starting 30 days prior to show date. Our schedule and order form update by 8:30am (M-F Los Angeles time) to display shows scheduled for the next 30 days. You may click on the link below to go directly to the show schedule for updated information about shows/tickets currently available.

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